WIIT Charitable Trust Spring 2017 Winning Scholarship Essay: The FTA Between the U.S. and Oman: Boosting the American Auto Industry

The WIIT Charitable Trust scholarship program is designed to provide financial assistance to further educational objectives of women who are interested in international development, international relations, international trade, international economics, or international business. Winners receive a scholarship award of $1,500 and a free one-year membership to WIIT. For more information, please click here for details.

The Spring 2017 winner is Ms. Lindsay Penn with an essay titled “The FTA Between the U.S. and Oman: Boosting the American Auto Industry”. Ms. Penn is an undergraduate freshman studying International Studies at the University of Denver. Ms. Penn’s winning essay explored the results of the free trade agreement (FTA) between the United States and Oman and concluded that it had a net positive impact on the American auto industry. Ms. Penn’s international focus is on the Middle East; she has been studying Arabic since her freshman year of high school and plans to use the award to further her language studies. After graduation, Ms. Penn plans to enter the diplomatic corps, representing the United States in a country in the Middle East. Ms. Penn wants to show that women can change relationships between countries for the better, including through trade, which can be a vital force for improving bilateral economic relations

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