WIIT Charitable Trust Fall 2016 Winning Scholarship Essay: Game of Chess: Cuba vs United States

The WIIT Charitable Trust scholarship program is designed to provide financial assistance to further educational objectives of women who are interested in international development, international relations, international trade, international economics, or international business. Winners receive a scholarship award of $1,500 and a free one-year membership to WIIT. For more information, please click here for details.

The Fall 2016 winner is Ms. Charlotte Ljustina with an essay titled “Game of Chess: Cuba vs United States”. Ms. Ljustina says:

c_ljustina“My name is Charlotte Ljustina, I am 23 years old and a transplant to New York City from Miami, FL. In Miami, I trained as a gymnast for approximately 15 years, which gave me the opportunity to become part of a community of strong, fierce women. I earned my bachelors degree in mathematics and English from Mount Holyoke College in 2015. While there, I was a writer and photographer for the school’s independent newspaper, a member of the crew team, and I worked in the Dean of Students and Dean of College’s offices. Currently, I am a Masters candidate at Columbia University. I anticipate earning my Masters of Science in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution in December 2017.

This WIIT scholarship will help tremendously in covering my tuition expenses, so that I can take all the credits that I need in order to stay on track with my studies. Studying negotiation and conflict resolution provides me with a platform that I can apply in all contexts, from personal relationships to national and international conflicts. While I am still deciding on the scale with which I’d like to practice as a mediator or negotiator, I am sure that I would like to embark in a career dedicated to creative problem solving. And, having been brought up in a community of strong, fierce women, followed by an education at a women’s college, there is no doubt that the mission of empowering and mobilizing women (in trade and otherwise) will be at the forefront of my work.”

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