WIIT Announces Nancy Travis as President of WIIT Trust

PRESS RELEASE | For immediate distribution, Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Washington, D.C – The Association of Women in International Trade (WIIT) is excited to announce that Nancy S. Travis has been named President of the WIIT Trust, WIIT’s charitable arm. As President, Nancy will have responsibility for leading trade-related educational activities to ensure educational opportunities for trade professionals and non-trade professionals in particular. Nancy Travis has served on the WIIT Board of Directors and was WIIT President in 2014-2015. Her professional position is Vice President of Compliance and Governance at the Advanced Medical Technology Association, where she works with medical technology companies worldwide to ensure the highest ethical standard in health care business exchanges. Prior to this position, Travis was Deputy Director of the Office of Economic Policy at the US Department of State. “I am looking forward to building on the Trust’s strong foundation of organizing and supporting education on trade in order to bring knowledge to more students, trade professionals, and policymakers,” Travis said.  She is most excited about the prospects for using the WIIT Trust to directly engage women entrepreneurs in WIIT and WIIT Trust activities. Travis plans to source handicraft products manufactured by women overseas to sell during the annual fundraising auction. Travis aims to increase the WIIT Trust’s fundraising activities to better achieve its mission of supporting women in trade achieve their goals. “I see the Trust playing an important role in connecting women to markets and improving access to knowledge about trade and trade policy,” Travis said. “My vision is to make the WIIT Charitable Trust a positive force in improving women’s access to the benefits of trade, whether it be through providing educational opportunities, connecting women entrepreneurs to markets, or improving the knowledge base to enable policymakers to make smart decisions on trade policy.” Please contact WIIT Executive Director Elizabeth Schumacher for more information.